The SHE Power race will span 2021 – 2022 for these medals, shirts and other items.  If you’re looking to earn your bling at the live events, please check out the details on

Event Details

Your wings already exist, all you have to do is fly!

Join us for the SHE Power Virtual Event

If one of your goals is to accomplish something that makes you proud, consider the SHE Power Half Marathon & 5K – celebrating your strength, beauty, and determination…one mile at a time! Along with a stunning, beautifully detailed finisher medal, you will receive the commemorative SHE Power race bib.  You will also have the option to choose a variety of SHE Power branded items to commemorate your run!

How to join the SHE Power Virtual Event:

  • Sign up Online – It’s easy, just complete the registration form for the distance you’d like to run (or walk!). Sign up for the Half Marathon or the 5K Run/Walk
  • We’ll ship your event bib, your SHE Power finisher medal and any of the extras you may have chosen when you sign up.
  • Run or Walk your virtual event anytime this year!

After you complete your run or walk:

  • Submit Your Results on the SHE Power Half Marathon & 5K website! Make sure to include some photos of your bling and awesome achievement!
  • Post your achievement to our Facebook Community Group, you can also find an encourage participants from all over the country on this page.
  • Tag your photos on Instagram and Facebook with #SHEPowerHalf and #BeFitBeYou
  • Watch for announcements on the Be Fit. Be You. Facebook Page for monthly prize winners and future event special offers.

SHE Power Half Marathon & 5K Finisher Medal

It doesn’t matter if it’s your first 5K or your 100th marathon, every single mile is an accomplishment and every mile should be celebrated.  We bring you the absolutely GORGEOUS SHE Power finisher medal.  This is an incredibly detailed piece that represents both beauty and strength.  Featuring a stained glass center with a raised dragonfly.  This may be the most beautiful medal of 2021.

Half Marathon (6 In.)

Half Marathon (6 In.)

5K (5 In.)

5K (5 In.)

Race Bib

Sign Up Half Marathon Sign Up 5K


BOCO Visor

BOCO Running Hat

Dragonfly Charm

Race Tee - Black

Banana Cream Racerback

Bella True Royal

Race Tee Raspberry

Black Racerback

Bella Lilac