New to Virtual Racing? Here are a few FAQ's

What's a Virtual Race?

A virtual race is a “race” that can be run anywhere  – no specific starting time or starting place.

Some participants choose trails, roads, treadmills, pretty much anywhere.  Perfect option for anyone looking for some extra training motivation, runners with crazy work hours, or moms & dad with busy schedules.   Our virtual events usually have a date range of 2 to 4 weeks to complete your run.  Run solo, or grab a friend, or organize a group…anything goes!  It’s a great way to connect with the running community, and a fun way to burn a few calories.

What do I get?

After you register for the event, we will ship you a custom Race Bib, Custom Event Finisher Medal, and we usually have an optional Race Shirt or Hoodie.

Some of our events also offer other cool swag…we try to have something for everyone!

What distance do I run?

Virtual races can be ANY distance! We have pretty much something for everyone, from 5Ks to Half Marathons.

What if I’m not fast?

Speed doesn’t matter!  Virtual races do NOT go by time since there is no way to compare courses, terrain, weather, or prove distance/times are accurate.

Run your race at your pace, then post your results online at

And don’t forget, we also love it when runners share photos of their run or bling so make sure to use the race #hashtags on social media! Each race has it’s own hashtag, but you can always use #Run131 #131Events or #131Virtual

How do I find a course to run?

How do I find a course that is 3.1 miles, 5k or 13.1 miles?

GPS watches are great as are iPhone apps like RunKeeper – you can literally just head out there and RUN till the distance is half way, turn around and run back….. but if you don’t have a GPS watch or iphone, you can use tools like Map My Run or Run Keeperto literally plot out your run BEFORE you go!

You can even run on a treadmill.

What do I do after I 'cross the finish line'?

When you finish your run, put your Finisher Medal around your neck and feel accomplished. Then take that selfie!

Don’t forget to post your results and some photos on social media using the race #hashtags!